Tutorial: Acoustic Profiles

An acoustic profile is a collection of footstep sound effect data that can be applied when an entity foot strike hits a block. These are built-in and can be tagged to any block. The table below lists the block classes available and as well as a Vanilla block that can be used to check out the sound in the game.

You will noticed that some of the entries have comma separated values. These are composites, meaning that multiple acoustic profiles will be combined to give a synthetic effect. For example, Anvils have a class of “metalcompressed,hardmetal” which causes Dynamic Surroundings to combine the acoustic profiles of “metalcompressed” and “hardmetal”.

Builtin Acoustic Profiles
Acoustic Example Block Comment
NOT_EMITTER Flowers Block does not emit a sound
_SWIM   Player swimming in water
straw Fully grown wheat  
brush_straw_transition Rose Bush bottom block  
brush Tall grass  
fire Fire  
rails Tracks  
grass Grass  
organic_solid Pumpkin  
organic_dry Cocoa  
dirt Dirt  
stone Cobblestone  
wood Wooden Planks Also a normal extended piston head
log Wooden Logs  
bedrock Bedrock  
sand Sand  
gravel Gravel  
ore Iron Ore  
leaves Leaves  
glass Glass  
mud Sponge  
glowstone Glowstone  
stonemachine Dispenser  
composite Diamond Block  
sandstone Sandstone  
rug Carpet/Wool  
wood_sticky Sticky Piston Head When head is extended
hardmetal Iron Block  
brickstone Stone Bricks  
marble Quartz Block  
equipment TnT  
obsidian Obsidian  
metalbar Iron Bars  
squeakywood Wooden Chest  
bluntwood Wooden Door  
ladder Ladder  
snow Snow  
organic Nether Wart Block  
quicksand Soul Sand  
waterfine Lily Pad  
stoneutility Enchanting Table  
metalcompressed Anvil  
metalsubparts Iron Door  
metalcompressed,hardmetal Anvil Composite sound
stoneutility,glass Daylight Detector Composite sound
stone,snow Packed Ice Composite sound
rug,straw,squeakywood Standing Banner Composite sound
rug,straw Wall Banner Composite sound