Dynamic Surroundings is a Minecraft Forge mod that alters the player’s visual and audible experience without changing game mechanics. The player has a high degree of control over their experience, and modpack authors can customize biome and block effects based on their need.

This set of documentation applies to Dynamic Surroundings v3.5+ for Minecraft 1.12.2+. Documentation for prior versions can be found here.

The design of Dynamic Surroundings permits it to run on a client without having the mod installed on the server. However, there will be limitations:

  • Player speech bubbles will not be displayed.
  • Village biome sounds will not play.
  • Weather render effects will not be coordinated across clients.
  • Battle Music will be limited (if configured)

New in version Starting with version it is possible to have the mod installed on a server, but not on the client. This will allow pack authors to include the mod in packs, and give players the ability to remove the mod based on their desires.

A complete list of changes for the 3.5 version is found here: The 3.5 Update.

Downloads: CurseForge
Source Code: GitHub
Issue Tracker: GitHub Issues